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What are we "preparing" for?

PrepDBQ is here because we believe in being prepared, not paranoid, and we want to meet other folks in the Dubuque area who think like we do, so we've created this little place to meet & mingle.

You might ask then, "what are you preparing for?" 
We would answer that question with a question...

Do you believe that life never changes? That things will always be like they are today? If so then you should look more closely at history - things always change, and the indicators of pending change are all around us.

Ask yourself these few questions: How long would your life stay 'normal'...
) ...if the shelves were empty at your grocery store?
) ...if local gas stations suffered critical shortages of fuel?
) ...if the economy took a major dive, or you lost your job?
) ...if we lost local electrical power for an extended time?

We'd like to be prepared for unexpected changes in life, so you'll find that most of the ideas we talk about here are things we might anticipate, but they can also apply to changes we might never expect. Ready for anything? No, but most things.


So ask yourself, how prepared are YOU?  consider this...
1) Most inventory systems are tuned to provide goods on an as-needed basis. A major storm or transportation disruption could cause bare grocery shelves in just days. Are you prepared for that? We Gotta Eat...

2) Most people have no idea how the current political struggles in Muslim countries could effect our supply of oil in the U.S., a war or embargo could double or triple the price of fuel, and cripple fuel availability for weeks or months. Are you prepared for that? Fuel & Power Issues...

3) Even many conservative pundits now agree that hyper-inflation is a possibility in the US, many others warn of economic turmoil if major changes are not made soon. Are you prepared for that? Financial Turmoil...

4) A major storm or a terrorist act could disable the local power grid. If the power was out for more than a day or two homework and other daily tasks would become difficult. Few people would even be able to heat their home or cook food without electricity. Are you prepared for that? When the Power Goes Out...


You DON'T need an underground bunker to prepare for such challenges. All you really need is a little common sense and some solid relationships with like-minded neighbors. It's what our grandparents did, but few people today follow their example.

If you realize that life is constantly changing and many of things we take for granted from day to day are actually quite fragile, then you realize we need to be "prepared" to take-on the challenges life brings. Some people think they can stand alone and face any challenge life offers, but more realistically all challenges are better faced with friends and family...

Like i said, THAT'S WHY PrepDBQ is here! So please take a look around the site, join conversations in our forum, get to know folks & let them know you. We'll also host local events where we can meet face to face, and the relationships you build here can become an important part of your readiness in life. You'll find that we have absolutely no need to panic if times get tough, if we just do a few basic things to prepare.


so... DO YOU THINK WE'RE CRAZY? ...see what FEMA has to say: "Preparing Makes Sense"

and NOW... you can find us on facebook!

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